In addition to conducting academic research, Mureji writes about business and economic issues. She is open to freelance opportunities, and can be reached at mf@mureji.com. Her recent writing includes the following:

The race to produce rare earth materials
China has dominated the market for rare earth elements, but US scientists and companies are scrambling to catch up.

The Race to Produce Rare Earth Materials, for MIT Technology Review.

Why Is It So Hard for Scholars to Launch Startups?
STEM scholars with startup dreams struggle to find support. A new type of professorship may be the solution.

Why Is It So Hard for Scholars to Launch Startups?, for WIRED.

Serena Ventures Joins MaC to Back Nigerian Data Firm Stears
Serena Williams’s venture capital firm is backing Nigerian data and insights firm Stears Inc. in a $3.3 million seed round led by MaC Venture Capital.

Serena Ventures Joins MaC to Back Nigerian Data Firm Stears, for Bloomberg.

Data Startup Backed by MaC, Serena Williams Looks to Unleash Investment in Africa
Hello all-it’s Mureji Fatunde in New York. Today we’re discussing a seed investment that could plant a—wait for it—seed in the investment landscape for African startups. Elsewhere, the owner of Chelsea FC is bringing a private jet company public through his SPAC. Today’s top stories

Data Startup Backed by MaC, Serena Williams Looks to Unleash Investment in Africa, for Bloomberg.

Shunned Digital Currency Looks for Street Credibility in Nigeria
A year after launching Africa’s first digital currency, Nigeria’s central bank is turning to the nation’s three-wheeler taxi operators to speed the adoption of the eNaira, as regulators across the world scrutinize its every move.

Digital-Currency Plan Falters as Nigerians Defiant on Crypto, for Bloomberg.

M&A Veteran Tells Dealmakers They’d Do Better to Jam Like the Grateful Dead
Hello, it’s Mureji Fatunde writing from New York. In today’s newsletter, I share some takeaways from a new book by a lawyer turned VC who was first a Deadhead. We also take a look at the potential implications of a Binance/FTX tie-up and a big tower deal wrapping up in Europe. Today’s top stories

M&A Veteran Tells Dealmakers They'd Do Better to Jam Like the Grateful Dead, for Bloomberg.

During my final year of graduate school at MIT, I dabbled in film reviews for the Arts Department of The Tech. I will probably do more reviews in the future, and when I do I'll share selected pieces here.

A will of steel: Reinaldo Marcus Green imagines champions into existence in ‘King Richard’ | The Tech
Questions have circulated in some circles about why the film, which chronicles the rise of one of the most remarkable pairs of female athletes ever seen, is centered around a man. It is evident within the first two minutes why Richard Williams is a worthy subject in his own right.

Review of Reinaldo Marcus Green's King Richard, for The Tech.

The Myth of Heroism: Asghar Farhadi questions the admirable In ‘A Hero’ | The Tech
‘A Hero’ makes a statement about the choices that poverty and powerlessness force on us. Farhadi poses to us an uncomfortable question: in a world where not all have the luxury of pure motives, is it the act or the intention that counts?

Review of Asghar Farhadi's A Hero, for The Tech.

“Compartment No. 6”: A winding love story, sans romance | The Tech
What is the essence of love when the typical trappings of romantic infatuation are stripped away? Compartment No. 6, the third feature film by Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen, offers one answer: acceptance.

Review of Juho Kuosmanen's Compartment No. 6, for The Tech.